Learning the OpenStackClient (OSC)

As a way to navigate the extent of the CLI options for nova, keystone, glance and also openstack commands I came up with an educational approach.

While still early development the goal is to provide a Beginner/Intermediate/Expert views exposing various commands and options to help the user learn in a controlled way.

This initial V0.5 version provides all the glue to test commands against an OpenStack Cloud.

The tool is designed to be self explaining if you have the most basic understanding the OSC. Starting with Help gives you an overview of the options.

As this runs on my webserver, the default operation works great to display help syntax and error conditions. It also connects to a functioning OpenStack Cloud. In my first example it works with Mirantis Express. I intend to provide a means to install within a devstack installation.

Home Page


Running your first command (using help)

Running your first command (producing error output)

Adding Authentication

Listing Images

Show details of an Image in JSON format