What happened to Digital Tech Trek Digest?

I started 2024 with several goals. The first goal was to iterate over some weekend project ideas and actually deploy them. These were never designed to make money or have widespread value; they were an exercise in iterating over an idea in preparation for a larger project. This led to InstanceHunt, which turned out to be very useful, lead to a few interesting leads including MicroConf. I also have a number of future features on my todo list. I have always wanted to keep product configs so I dropped Configs Info the next month as a weekend project. Likewise, there are plenty of additional feature ideas.

A second goal was to read more outside my comfort zone. As part of keeping notes, I started publishing weekly the Digital Tech Trek Digest for the first three months of 2024. It was not part of the original goal to share the details; it just worked out that way. I still read many of my sources regularly including TLDR, Forbes Daily, ThoughWorks Podcasts, Daily Dose of Data Science and BoringCashCow. Also Scientific American Technology, Fareed’s Global Briefing, Software Design: Tidy First? by Kent Beck, Last Week in AWS, Micro Newsletter and more. I guess my draft of lucky #13 never made it to publication. However, my time of writing was in preparation toward my next goal of 2024.

My third goal for 2024 was to pursue taking an idea into an actual product and to look at making founder-led sales and have a goal of producing a product. I expected this would be most of 2024 before I had a deliverable. Of the 5-7 ideas I considered, I decided on one and started creating a POC, creating some slides, talking with people, and spending a lot of time on how I could market and sell my startup idea. On March 26, I decided to take my large startup idea and narrow the focus to a specific and immediate problem that could be solved; however, this is not the goal of my startup. That problem was helping customers stop paying the AWS tax of RDS Extended Support.

For the past two months, I’ve been striving to accelerate creating a SaaS solution, learning how to rewrite all my code on Go, thinking about how to identify my Ideal Customer Profile (ICP), determine a Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR) fixture, and talk with prospects and potential partners. All this also happening in May, which is surprisingly a month of way too many end-of-school events.

Stay tuned. News is coming soon.