Enterprise Data Architect - Site Reliability Expert - Data Scientist

Core technology skills with Cloud Computing (AWS), Linux, MySQL, NoSQL, Oracle, Java, PHP, Python, Shell Scripting.

The impact of data on our systems

It is all about data

Many organizations fail to realize that data is their most valuable asset and would struggle to survive without it.

A well architected system ensures the high reliability of data and provides scalability on demand while maintaining a consistent user performance experience.

An experienced data architect is responsible for keeping organisations online all the time. The role covers a wide range of skills including data management, analytics, mining, recovery and visualization.

Regardless of data storage in a relational database, a nosql data store, a flat file, on premise or in the cloud, ensuring availability and redundancy are critical for business continuity and continued success.

Much of today's Big Data is unstructured. Knowing how to distinguish value and create structure from the noise helps organizations leverage their information.

Ensuring delivery of these expectations is what I do best.


Download the recently published article "Expert MySQL Design Practices" in the Software Developers Journal Issue 13/2013, pages 109-120.

Other publications include currently three books in the Effective MySQL series.

Effective MySQL: Replication Techniques in Depth by Ronald Bradford and Chris Schneider Effective MySQL: Backup and Recovery by Ronald Bradford Effective MySQL: Optimizing SQL Statements by Ronald Bradford Expert PHP and MySQL by Andrew Curiso, Ronald Bradford and Patrick Galbraith