UltimateLAMP Passwords

For those passwords I have not clearly mentioned within the included wiki documents, here is a summary.

  • UltimateLAMP is built on the VMWare Browser Appliance application, so all Linux passwords match the supplied default.
    • vmware/vwmare
    • root/vmware To use, you do $ sudo su –
  • For all UltimateLAMP passwords, I have used dolphin. Within MySQL, the username will match the database name of the application.
  • For all UltimateLAMP Applications, I have used a username that matches the product name (where possible), and have used the password dolphin. Some applications for example, have a default user (for example WordPress uses admin).


  1. says

    I have been trying to log in to Drupal without success. I tried the password provided with drupal as an ID and also with admin as an ID. No luck.

    I also tried to add a new user and while I typed in an ID/PW I got an error message saying that I needed to enter and ID/PW.

    What am I doing wrong?


  2. ricamz says

    But in drupal it doesn’t work.

    Maybe I did something wrong, but I tried drupal/dolphin with no sucess.


  3. Drew Katana says

    Not able to get in as root using root/vmware.

    Also having problems with Owl which does not seem to want to take either owl/dolphin or admin/dolphin?

    Ahy help?


  4. tc says

    i also cannot get root/vmware to work. i have also tried root/dolphin. i seem to not even be able to add wordpress themes with the default vmware login due to permissions, so any help would be appreciated.

  5. Luisin says

    Same problem, I can’t get in using root/vmware, any one found a working password for root?
    Thanks in advance.

  6. says

    I really love the lamp you’ve made but I’m screwed trying to change the root password or get root access via supplied password. chpasswd gives me an Authentication failure using the listed passwords and su and or sudo does pretty much the same.

    I’d appreciate some advice if you have time as to what I’m doing wrong, or if i have jsut screwed up pn the password. As far as I can I’ve gone over it dozens of times this way and that and am not getting the magic thing to happen.



  7. DCoupal says

    Cool appliance.

    I can’t get started on Moodle because I need an account and the only way to get it working is to receive an email at an external address.
    How can I get the mail service to work for Moodle?