Where the happening community people now hang

Eric of Proven Scaling commented on a lack of IRC action in the normal mysql channels today when he visited the #drizzle channel on irc.freenode.net.

ebergen: I'm still in #mysql-dev and #planet.mysql but they are hardly active these days [1:51pm]
rbradfor: ebergen: funny, #drizzle is where the action is. [1:51pm]

There is active movement on the Drizzle project. Why is this? Well, I think most importantly is that there is active contribution from the community, at least 5 different companies and more individuals are pushing code to Drizzle, and it’s being accepted and incorporated. Something you can not say about the MySQL Community branch.

As I write this, there are 35 active people on the #drizzle channel now, and 137 members of the Drizzle Discuss list.

My contribution is as Monty put’s it, “Your the build team”. I am managing the Build Master for Drizzle and my company 42SQL is providing the hosting and support. I’ve even managed to push my first small code changes to the project using the very simple Contributing Code instructions. No fuss, no pain, and I don’t care if it doesn’t get included, but it’s available for all to see and use.

In 2 days we now have 15 build slaves covering Ubuntu 8.04 32 & 64bit, Debian 32 & 64 bit, CentOS 5 64 bit, Gentoo 32 & 64 bit, and Mac OS/X 10.5, with definitely some color at times in the waterfall display.

Jay has a good article on Drizzle Buildbot Now Accepting BuildSlaves.

We need your help! There are plenty of Linux/Unix OS’s out there, and we want to know Drizzle can be compiled as broadly as possible. Most of the contributors of build slaves to date are not names I know well in the MySQL community, which is excellent. What I’d like to see is more names I do know.

It’s easy, just check out Instructions for setting up a BuildSlave for Drizzle.