What makes your blood boil?

It’s appalling that in this day of technological advancements and communication, the excuse for publishing dated information just doesn’t fly. 50 or 100 years ago you could be excused for writing something that was 6 months out of date, yet this article “Which Database Is Right For You?” Dated (2006-01-05) states:

So what doesn’t MySQL support? Today, MySQL doesn’t support views (‘virtual’ tables made from other tables), stored procedures (small programs that can be stored in the database) or triggers (actions that the database can be told to do automatically when certain things happen). However, many of these features are promised in future versions.

Well as I finished the article, looking forward to the contact details to notify this “writer” of their dated information, I was beaten to the punch.

Editor’s Note – Correction: We were contacted by Jay Pipes,Community Relations Manager, North America MySQL, Inc. who says that “MySQL 5 (the current stable release of MySQL) does indeed support stored procedures, views, triggers, functions, and many more features.”

Why can’t they put that note in the MySQL section of the article, it can easily get missed at the bottom.

It was only recently that I went out to by a magazine on referral to read an in depth article “The Usual Suspects”. I was most disappointed in it’s dated and in someways inaccurate content. You can read my comments at Review of Database Magazine Article – “The Usual Suspects”


  1. andrew_gilfrin says

    The most stupid part is the just after the title when it says, Lee Asher Expert Author. Hmm how can they be in any way an expert when they don’t know anything about the subject they are talking about.

    Apart from the MySQL mistakes (when mistake means knowing nothing about it) the whole thing lacks any sort of substance.

  2. says

    Hi Ronald!

    Yeah, made my blood booil too! :( Thanks to Felix Geerinckx for notifying me of this error. However, regardless of the location of the note, kudos to the publisher for responding immediately to my complaint.

    Thanks for the follow up!

  3. says

    Well guys,
    talk about blood boiling. I missed Jay’s post on PlanetMySQL but after reading between the lines, I couldn’t help but write a big rant on my blog.

    His article spoiled my Friday night.



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