Welcome new Oracle ACE's

I am pleased to announce that the Oracle ACE program has two new MySQL inductees. These people actively contribute to the MySQL community via a varied means in an unbiased and non commercial way.

Giuseppe Maxia (aka DataCharmer) is no stranger to the MySQL community having filled a position with MySQL Inc/Sun Microsystems/Oracle Corporation in the Community team for many years. Giuseppe was an active member in the community before this position, and continues to provide great input with tools such as the MySQL sandbox and many project and code snippets on the MySQL Forge as well as many writings for the Developer zone.

Patrick Galbraith (aka CaptTufo) may be a lesser known name to some, however he is the maintainer of the MySQL Perl DBD::mysql driver, the creator of the Federated Storage Engine for MySQL and is the author of two MySQL books. He also is the creator of the Memcached UDF functions.

Welcome, and I hope to see your continued contributions help grow our MySQL community.