The lack of good Internet access in the US

The state of high speed internet providers in the “Capital of the World” is rather woeful. Located in Queens, only a few miles from Manhattan leaves you few choices. Always plenty of ads, but options like Verizon FiOS are not available.

There is basically a monopoly with Time Warner Cable, and while the service is generally reliable, the falseness of pricing and options is criminal.

First of all I could not raise an individual via Chat Online, I was forced to call, wait, provide my details, then be told by an individual he could not do anything, I get transferred, then have to provide all my details again. That’s the *HUGE* failure in customer service. You already know my phone number and account details, why do I have to give my phone number, name, address and account number multiple times.

I wanted to save money, but they only wanted me to pay more. Infact, I was offered a package at double what I was paying for now. If I stated I wanted to save money, why would I be dumb enough to pay more. In the end I was offered an upgrade at no charge for 6 months, but of course after that my bill will go up another $10 per month. Did I gain anything or was I, the consumer, screwed over.

Why does this service suck so much. In Australia,