MySQL Response to Bugs

I’ve read at times people complaining about the response to bugs, and people bag the support of MySQL on the forums at times.

Well today I logged a bug, not the first and I’m sure it’s not the last. See LAST_INSERT_ID() does not return results for a problem in the latest Connector/J 5.0.3 that was released just recently.

Now it took me about 2 hours to log the bug, and probably at least 2 hours of frustration prior to that. The initial frustration 2 hours was unsuccessful debugging of what I was sure was valid code (and it was near midnight last night). The second 2 hours today was testing the problem between two environments, different database versions and different Connector/J versions, and providing a simple reproducable case of said problem.

So the timeline of the Bug in the MySQL Bug Tracking System.

  • [1 Aug 5:40] – Logged Bug
  • [1 Aug 5:58] – Initial feedback, something for me to confirm, bug “in Progress”
  • [1 Aug 6:04] – Confirmation that problem is new JDBC-compliant features, and the issue was a backwards-compatible option
  • [1 Aug 7:14] – Patch submitted to correct the issue
  • [1 Aug 7:28] – My response to initial feedback, as I hadn’t checked my mail for at least an hour, and then I had to go find the JSTL source code and check

So let me summarise that.

For aS3 (Non-critical) Bug, it took 18 mins from logging for MySQL AB to acknowledge and review the problem, 24 mins from logging to get confirmation of compatibility issue, and 94 mins from logging to have a patch submitted that addressed this and probably some more compatibility issues across 7 source files.

Good Job Mark Matthews. Where do I send the comments for the “MySQL AB employee of the month” award.