Got MySQL Proxy yet!

If you haven’t got MySQL Proxy yet, then stop and get it now. Jan announced the release a few days ago of this new product offering from MySQL.

I first heard about MySQL Proxy at the recent MySQL Conference 2007 and actually used it a few weeks later to help address slow running queries during benchmarking with a granularity of milliseconds — Wow. The product has grown immensely since then and I’ve watched in true amazement at the speed of development by Jan, who I only found out recently was the creator of Lighthttpd.

Now it’s past midnight and I think of those things I’ve wanted, can the proxy now do them. Here are a few ideas for me to play with.

  • Find Slow Queries < 1 second
  • Add a time (HH:MM:SS) column to SHOW GLOBAL STATUS output, and really hope it comes out in mysqladmin extended-status. Cross fingers here
  • Be able to log slow queries to a Memory table, a little like mysql.slow_log but more intelligent, and in 5.0.
  • True SQL access to things like PROCESSLIST, SHOW GLOBAL VARIABLES and SHOW GLOBAL STATUS, again like the 5.1 I_S tables, but I want them now in 5.0

The mind boggles. As Giuseppe describes it’s also an excuse to learn a new language called Lua. Those familiar with the MySQL GUI Products and have played with the GRT would have already seen Lua in action, as early as the 2006 User Conference.

Woot! Time to hit post and check out the real