You have to love the Planet MySQL voting system

Within a few hours my post Installing Mediawiki on Oracle Enterprise Linux LAMP stack got 5 negative votes.

Wow, I’d be glad if these people could felt so passionately about all the other CRUD on Planet MySQL that has ZERO to do actually do with MySQL.

Using a LAMP product, and providing instructions for operation can’t be a negative voting offense. So it can only be the words “Oracle Enterprise Linux”.

For those negative people out there that care enough to physically mark blogs let me share some facts with you. RedHat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) is the most widely used and support platform for production MySQL environments. CentOS and Oracle Enterprise Linux (OEL) provide via the freedom of Open Source, their own offerings of RHEL with various other features including support or specific additional features for other products. Oracle also provides and commits work to the Linux Kernel, so they are just as much an allies to open source as other companies.

So are you bagging the operating system or just the word Oracle. Oracle is hear to stay, in fact those attending the MySQL Sunday event at Oracle Open World may get a welcome wake up shock. And for reference these articles are being written for a published Oracle Magazine article which meets the comfort level of the reader and introduces MySQL in a positive way. Your actions show just how much you are unwilling to embrace the larger community.