Ubuntu Tricks today

ctrl-alt-l – Lock Screen
ctrl-alt-d – Desktop

# Multi Cut-Paste History
apt-get install glipper

Add to System|Preferences|Sessions|Startup Programs

Thanks Yves

Perl Tricks



use ExtUtils::Installed;
my $instmod = ExtUtils::Installed->new();
foreach my $module ($instmod->modules()) {
my $version = $instmod->version($module) || "???";
       print "$module -- $versionn";


#!/usr/bin/perl -w
use ExtUtils::Packlist;
use ExtUtils::Installed;

$ARGV[0] or die "Usage: $0 Module::Namen";

my $mod = $ARGV[0];

my $inst = ExtUtils::Installed->new();

    foreach my $item (sort($inst->files($mod))) {
             print "removing $itemn";
             unlink $item;

     my $packfile = $inst->packlist($mod)->packlist_file();
          print "removing $packfilen";
          unlink $packfile;


Ban the Backquote

I really don’t like the backquote character (`). This is primarily due to it’s use by MySQL in internal and community tools.
MySQL allows objects, .e.g table names, column names etc to contain both reserved words and spaces, providing they are appropriately surrounded by backquotes, so tools now simply enclose everything with backquotes. Really annoying.

Last week while on a client site I was told a funny story. The CEO of a company bought an iPhone however was unable to use it at work due to the WEP key for the Wireless access in his organization includes a backquote. I’ve confirmed it, the iPhone keyboard does not have a backquote key. So now, because he is the CEO, everybody will have to change their Wireless WEP key just because of the iPhone.

But it gets better. Around midnight last Saturday between Slate Plus (for Dinner & Pool) and going down to SOHO for more drinks, Farhan had to change a cron job. As his battery was running low, he was trying to find it, you guessed it, the backquote character on his OQO. Just lucky it’s Windoze and if you can find the character map application, you can insert the character.
Rob and Michelle were on hand, and with my new EOS 40D and 50mm 1.4f lens I was able to take a series of photos without flash and without alerting my unsuspecting subjects.