MySQL Camp T-Shirts

For those that attended the MySQL Camp at Google HQ late last year you may have seen me with my own T-Shirt designs. A number of people inquired about getting them. I’ve finally got around to make them available online, so anybody that would like one can order online.

There are two different shirts. If you want your name on the shirt, you need to make sure you choose the correct one.

  • Early Adopters – For those that were the first 48 that signed up, your name as well as position and company are on the shirt.
  • The Herd – For everybody that registered on the website, your name is on the shirt.

Ok. I’ve already been asked why 48. This was the number of registrants when I got the shirt made back in Australia a week or so before the Camp.

There are also plenty more of my MySQL designs at my MySQL Wear Store.

For those that also liked the runner up pin “A mouse is a waste of a perfectly good hand”, you can also get this in it’s original graphical shirt design at Geek Cool – CLI”

How's your desktop

People that know me, know that I can’t just do one thing at once. People that have seen me work also know just how I can’t just work on a single thing, but work with multiple monitors, desktops and programs everywhere. (Power to my Dell 24″ Widescreen LCD with 1920×1200 resolution). However I must bow when I see another professional of equal skill, however this does boarder on lunacy.

I had to printscreen friend and fellow MySQLer Frank’s desktop, it just defied a sense of normality, yet he worked away quite happily. In some ways I’m also amazed that Windoze actually functioned.

Take a close look at the number of open Firefox windows and putty sessions.

MySQL Predictions for 2007

I’m interested to know what people consider will behold MySQL in 2007?

The announcement of “You” as Time person of the year can only considered a huge boost to the opportunities in 2007. So, in 2007 here are my 7 (in no significant order).

  1. 2007 will be the year of the storage engine. We will see 5 offerings for transactional storage engines, 20+ available and practical engines for management of some form of data.
  2. 2007 will see MySQL 5.1 GA (finally).
  3. 2007 will see MySQL release it’s own Falcon Storage Engine (GA not until Q4 :-().
  4. The MySQL Winter of Code will enable the contributions of the community to change feature development. I foresee a Bounty system from an external party or parties for MySQL Features emerging.
  5. MySQL will make major press inroads to the RDBMS Big 3 of Oracle, SQL Server and IBM DB2.
  6. Despite efforts of MySQL AB, major installations of MySQL 4.0 and 4.1 including large ISP’s will hamper the uptake of 5.0 and 5.1 and the de-commissioning of 4.x
  7. A major country government will make an announcement to move to Open Source across servers and desktops, and MySQL will contribute to being an enterprise database offering in systems replacements as part of a longer term strategy.