MySQL GUI Products

I’ve started now to actively use more of the MySQL Workbench, MySQL Administrator and MySQL Query Browser and MySQL Migration Toolkit. I am traditionally a very command line person, and it’s important that these skills are never put on the back burner. For all those budding Developers and DBA’s you need these skills, expecially for any MySQL Certification.

To indicate my indent, I’ve even created a new blog category specifically for MySQL GUI Products.
As I’ve mentioned previously, Mike Zinner from MySQL AB really impressed me with where the products were going in development. I’m still rather disappointed about the stability and compatibility when attempting to run under Linux (which is my desktop), but I’ve put that aside and configured a suitable environment to best use and test these products under Windoze! I’ll also be able to trial products under both environments and provide valuable feedback to Workbench Bugs.

To overcome this, as I use Windows reluctantly in a VMware environment, I’ve decided to install all MySQL GUI Products on an older laptop (a Dell Inspiron 5000, PIII 600MHz), which I use for media playing (DivX .avi’s) on my TV. Yes, I hate to resort back to windows, but I had difficulties getting the TV Out working properly under Linux, and I only have so much free time. I would have liked to nut it out, but I find Windows superior in only 2 things, driver compatibility and running Photoshop, so I’ll leave it at that.

So being about to VNC to this machine gives me a spread of processing usage which is acceptable for now, and I’m working from a single desktop. (Time to dream some more about that Dell 24″ UltarSharp Widescreen LCD Flat Panel I’d like).

Well again, with just starting MySQL Workbench, and for the first ever time launching MySQL Administrator I came across Windows functionality I’d not seen before. Within MySQL Administrator under the Windows menu option I was able to switch to MySQL Workbench, a completely different running Windows Program. Now, I’d not seen this before in any multiple running products in Windows. Obviously the power of the GRE enables this, what a nice feature. Well back to now looking at this product some more.