Where's the News?

It’s been six weeks since the completion of the acquisition of MySQL by Sun Microsystems. In this time, on the MySQL News and Press Releases there has only been one (1) Press Release here.
In the six weeks between the announcement and completion of the acquisition MySQL made ten (10) Press Releases, and the six weeks preceding this including the Christmas break there was (six) Press Releases.

On the Sun Press Releases in this period there has been twenty three (23), but just the same one MySQL specific.

The MySQL Developer Zone has picked up three articles in the past week, but nothing prior to that for a month.

So, Where’s the News of what’s happening with MySQL?

It seems our only options are the official company blog of Kaj Arno and his travels , Robin Schumacher and Giuseppe Maxia as other sources of information.


  1. says

    Now that we’re part of Sun, it is likely that there will be slightly fewer formal MySQL news release and they may be more clustered around certain product announcements and conferences. We had quite a few announcements in early 2008, and it’s normal that there are ebbs and flows. Some months with more news and other weeks with less. Next week at our conference you’ll see quite a few announcements as well as technical information.

    Most importantly, there’s no change in our intent to continue to publish lots of information on our web site, especially on the developer zone.


  2. says

    Announcements and press releases are not cool, or interesting.
    Actual code is.

    Apparently the OOo/MySQL connectivity is getting resolved, which is really utterly cool, but I only found out because I blogged about the topic and got replies with the status. It appears MySQL is rather inward focused with activities, rather than aiming to get back to open development.