What to do at 3:25am

Look at MySQL bug reports of course? Well actually I’m writing multiple blog posts, and I was confirming additional reference sources and links when I came across MySQL Bug #29847 – Large CPU usage of InnoDB crash recovery with a big buf pool.

Taking the time to actually read the information exchange I stumble upon.

[8 Jun 23:29] liz drachnik

Hello Heikki -

In order for us to continue the process of reviewing your contribution to MySQL - We need
you to review and sign the Sun|MySQL contributor agreement (the "SCA")

The process is explained here:


Getting a signed/approved SCA on file will help us facilitate your contribution-- this
one, and others in the future.

Thank you !

Liz Drachnik  - Program Manager - MySQL

Oops. Well it made me laugh out loud for so many reasons. First your talking to the creator of InnoDB, a part of MySQL for at least 5+ years. Second, there is clearly an agreement between Oracle and MySQL already for the incorporation of InnoDB in the current builds, but mostly because at this late stage of probably Oracle acquisition (which side note has seemed too quite for too long) it seems rather a mute point to be chasing up paperwork.

Fortunately sanity obviously prevailed, unfortunately the public record persists. Still, humor is always good.

[9 Jun 18:04] Liz Drachnik

Please disregard the previous request for an SCA.
thank you