The Windoze CLI, or lack there of.

There are many reasons why I hate Windoze, here is just another example.

I need via the command line, change to a given directory, so I can manually run a command. Not only can I not do a cd to the directory, as shown in the printscreen here, I can’t use a wildcard to try and identify the directory better (perhaps its the addition of uppercase characters or a fullstop at the end of the directory that’s making this OS confused?). Of course I can’t do tab completion either.

Ok, well, just cut and paste what the dir gives you. No, it’s not highlight, right mouse click, Hmmm you have to go, Menu | Edit | Mark, then highlight the text, then Menu | Edit | Copy, then Menu |Edit |Paste just to get a copy of the text, and that still doesn’t work.

Of course Windoze was never designed for programmers, especially those that can achieve far more with a command line interface (CLI for all those Windoze users that have never heard of it), and much more quickly then with having to move a mouse around, drawing one hand away from the keyboard where you do all the other typing. So much for making the world more efficient.

So how to you actually do it, well the only way I know is you have to install more software from XP Power Toys called Open Command Window Here. This allows you to use the GUI Windows Explorer (again a mouse thing) to navigate to the directory, then right click to open a command window at this directory.

So what was the outcome of the actually directory using this comment, see below. The same name I was trying to type in. Go Figure!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Milos says

    Heh, if you ran “cmd” instead of “command” you would have tab completion ;)
    Works out of the box!