The price for digg success

I guess much like the Slashdot effect, the Digg effect is both a good thing for your exposure and traffic hits, and a bad thing for those ISP’s watching the traffic. (See Jay’s Slashdot Fame).

In the past week, I’ve gone to a number of digg article sites and they have been unavailable. I never kept details of these IT articles, but here is one the one article not of an IT I look at that I did. It referred to an image, which the host provider adjusted (see image to the right). The host provider was ImageShack. I didn’t read anything in the T & C about being too popular!

Here’s the original Digg Post Gmail ads get a little too personal.

Seems I’m not the only person wanting to see it, I found in the comments a repost of the image Here. Just for future reference my copy is Here


  1. hanzo87 says

    Hey, I’m the guy who posted the Digg article. Just wanted to say that this was my first story submitted to Digg, and I didn’t realize that ImageShack had such low bandwidth. Now I know better, it won’t happen again! :)