Stories that impress and motivate you

I’ve worked for two Internet startup companies, both around 2 years each, both now long dead. The first was due to eventual lack of new VC funds, the second gross financial managment in the second year (apparently, when we were told there was no money December one year to pay us, the company that made large profits every month for over the first year, then had made losses every month for the past 12 months, but nobody knew about it. There were 5 Directors from 3 countries and nobody knew. Yeah Right!)

I’ve learnt a lot of non IT street smarts in this time. The first startup took the VC route, and after 3 rounds while I wasn’t involved in the process you pick up things. The single biggest tip here is the Bell-Mason Diagnostic. Here a few introduction references worthy of a quick review (One, Two).

When you take any great idea, and then consider the 4 quadrants and 12 axis you realise you really need to make larger circles of professional contacts.

Zac’s article Valley Boys Run MySQL talks about the new breed of Web entrepreneurs and Web 2.0. In particular check out
Valley Boys’s Kevin Rose leads a new brat pack of young entrepreneurs
. This is the new wave of success that works without VC.

For me this recent post on the Meebo Blog really impressed me.

365 days ago

Nineteen releases, eleven (fantastic) team members, and 295,321 gummy bears later we see over a million users log into meebo each day. As a coder, all you hope is that your service will be able help people go about their day-to-day lives. Stability, bugs, and good usability are always top of mind.

1,000,000 users of your Web 2.0 application. This impresses and motivates me. What makes it possible to anybody, is you can get a LAMP stack, a live-cd, cheap hosting and you can turn your idea into something real for next to no cost. Of course, I won’t start on the nightmares out there of great ideas that are very poorly designed. At least the underlying stack can support anything you want to achieve, and MySQL is behind these success stories.

One more thing on Meebo, Check out the meebo map!. I’ve been told that Google has something of a similar nature at the Googleplex. Well I can say I’m very keen to see this, and will be 8 weeks time when the First MySQL Camp is held.