Setting up CentOS on VirtualBox for RDO

Create a CentOS Virtual Machine (VM)

NOTE: There are several different ways in creating a base VM CentOS image. These steps are the more manual approach, however they are provided for completeness in understanding varying options.

To create a virtual machine in VirtualBox select the New icon. This will prompt you for some initial configuration. Use these recommendations:

  • Name and operating System
    • Name: RDO
    • Type: Linux
    • Version: Red Hat (64-bit)
  • Memory Size
    • Use at minimum 4GB.
  • Hard Disk
    • Use the default settings including 8.0GB, VDI type, dynamically allocated, File location and size.

By default your virtual machine is ready to install however by making the following network recommendation it will be easier to access your running virtual machine via SSH and the RDO web interface and APIs from your host computer.

  • Click Settings
  • Select Network
  • Enable Adapter 2 and attach to a Host-only Adapter and select vboxnet0
  • Ok

Install CentOS Operating System

You are now ready to install the Operating System on the virtual machine with the following instructions.

  • Click Start
  • Open the CentOS .iso file you just downloaded.
  • You will be prompted for a number of options, select the default provided and use the following values when prompted.
  • Install CentOS 7
  • Select English and English (United States) (or your choice of language)
  • Select System to configure your installation destination
    • Click Done to use the default VM disk and automatically configure partitioning
  • Select Network & hostname
    • Enable both of the listed Ethernet connections
    • Enter rdo for the Host Name
    • Click Done
  • Click Begin Installation
  • Click Root Password
    • Enter password of your choosing
  • Click User Creation
    • Enter rdo for user name (or any value of your choice)
    • Enter Openstack for password (or any password of your choice)
    • Click Done

When the installation is complete, click Reboot.

You will now be able to login with username: rdo and password: Openstack (or the values you chose).

Post Installation

While the second ethernet adapter for your VM is configured it is not enabled.

$ su -
# Enter root password
$ sed -ie "s/ONBOOT=no/ONBOOT=yes/" /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifcfg-enp0s8
$ ifup enp0s8
$ ip addr
# RDO does not operate with NetworkManager
$ sudo systemctl stop NetworkManager.service
$ sudo systemctl disable NetworkManager.service

The ip output will verify the IP address that was assigned. If you configured the VirtualBox host-only adapter with defaults, the address will be

To verify access to your virtual machine from your host computer, you should SSH with:

$ ssh [email protected]