Scaling Wisdom

The 20 second summary from the Scaling MySQL – Up or Out? from our panel of experts at 2008 MySQL Conference and Expo.

  • Paul Tuckfield from YouTube — The answers to everything is replication, you just have to rephrase the question.
  • Jeff Rothschild from Facebook — Memory, the source of all problems is your developers.
  • Domas for Wikipedia — You should be afraid that 10 min structural change may answer detailed problems.
  • Fahan Mashraqi from Fotolog — Architect property, the most optimized schema may not be enough, what is the cost of serving the data, no just the time to run the SQL.
  • John Allspaw from Flickr — There is nothing more permanent then a temporary solution
  • Monty Taylor from MySQL — You have to know what’s happening on every piece of your technology stack.