Recent Presentations at Charlotte South East LinuxFest

At the recent South East LinuxFest in June 2012 I gave two MySQL presentations.

The first was on Explaining the MySQL Explain. This presentation details the MySQL Query Execution Plan (QEP) of an SQL statement and how to understand and interpret the information from the EXPLAIN command. Also discussed are additional commands and tools that exist to add supplementary information. These are essential skills that will be used daily in production operations. Download Presentation (PDF)

Effective MySQL: Optimizing SQL StatementsMore detailed information about EXPLAIN and associated commands is available in book Effective MySQL: Optimizing SQL Statements.

Effective MySQL:Backup and Recovery
The second was on MySQL Disasters, and how to avoid yours. Organizations are always making improvements for scalability, however disaster preparedness is the poor cousin. This presentation will show you how to easily avoid the most common MySQL disaster situations.
Backup and recovery is critical for business continuity, many websites run the risk of data loss or corruption because existing procedures (if any) are generally flawed.
Download Presentation (PDF

More detailed information about the right backup and recovery strategy and associated tools is available in book Effective MySQL: Backup and Recovery.


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