Other iPhone experiences for corporate users

I am not alone in my experience as a corporate AT&T/Cingular user wanting an iPhone. See my last post iPhone activation – Finally after 3 days. In the past 30 minutes I’ve read the same pain from many people. How can Apple and AT&T get this so wrong?

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  1. VirginiaValley says

    2 days on the phone with At&T. This time, for over 2 hours and still being asked to hold again. AT&T (SBC really) was never know for its consumer marketing skills. It is unlikely that they ever researched what potential number of AT&T (Cingular really) business customers that would want to switch. AT&T assumed this was a toy phone not made for real business people. Plus, their billings systems are an amalgomation of several acquisitions billing systems chewing gum glued together.

    The executives at Apple that agreed to the terms of this roll out excluding business customers should be looking for a job next week. The executives at AT&T who made this decision should also be off the payroll.

    And a major THUMP on the head to Apple for not adequately warning potential buyers that if they were an existing AT&T business customers of this issue.

    The only good thing I can say about this process is that obviously overworked call center folks at AT&T’s business customer call center were extremely nice and very apologetic. HOPEFULLY AT&T will REWARD this poor people who have been on the front line of this battle for over 4 days.