MySQL :: Developer Zone Quick Polls

I don’t get to the MySQL Developer Zone main page often enough. In thinking about what pages I view everyday or regularly, it doesn’t rate as high as Planet MySQL, MySQL Forums or even the MySQL Forge.

I was most dissappointed in the results of a recent poll What did you think of the 2006 Users Conference?. The top response was I had no idea there was a Users Conference. That’s not good to see this.

An interesting poll What are you most looking forward to at the MySQL Users Conference (April 24-27)?, the clear winner was Drinking beer with MySQL gurus. What does this say about the attendees. Either they are all alcho’s or the just want to be around guru’s in a less technical way.

I see this page also has a live feed of Planet MySQL. Perhaps we should get some more stuff down the right side of PlanetMySQL like the current Quick Poll itself and a feed of the current developer articles at the Developer Zone.