MySQL Conference – RedHat Keynote – One Laptop Per Child

Our third keynote at MySQL Conference 2007 was titled Building the Ultimate Database Container with RHEL, MySQL, and Virtualization by Michael Evans.

The presentation was on Red Hat & One Laptop Per Child. His initial Quote was “Thinking Past Platforms: The Next Challenge for Linux”, By Doc Sears, 2007-04-16


  • A Non profit idea from Nicholas Negroponte.
  • Aim is to build & distribute inexpensive laptop systems to primary & secondary school students worldwide.
  • Sell to young children in developing countries.

In summary at presentation to Red Hat — “Non-profit, run by a professor, we make hardware and sell to governments.”

The overall dynamics have attracted a lot of interesting people in the world.

The ability and goal is to make the device together, bringing all H/W and S/W people together.

The people that get behind this project have the ethos — “I’m willing to jump into this to change the world.”

This is the first time for a new opportunity in the last 10 years.

The sugar user interface is a completely new experience.

When the UI designer was presenting to a room of head executives. “What ever advice you got, keep it to yourself, your not the target market.”

One key point — No backward compatibility needs.

More information at Wikipedia Reference. Some videos at You Tube Inside One Laptop per Child: Episode one and Slightly better demo of the OLPC User Interface.