iPhone bug

I discovered a bug on my iPhone. The issue was around Daylight saving. Thanks to Dock I was able to take screenshots which was much better then photos.

In Calendar when you select 1am on the scrollers, you get 1am as the start time. When you select 2am, the start time goes to 1am. When you select 3am, it goes to 3am as expected.


  1. William Newton says

    How do you think it should work? There are two 1 am’s on Nov 4, 2007. Apple apparently gave you access to both 1 am’s, while sacrificing 2am. Without resorting to EDST/ EST monikers on the times, there isn’t any clear way of dealing with a day that has 25 hours using only 24 names for the hours. Also, what happens when you set the time to Nov 4 2:05? Does say the starts field say 1:05 or 2:05? If it goes to 2:05, then thats sort of inconsistent with the other behavior. Allowing you to only access the second 1 am, but not any of the other times in that hour, and allowing all of the minutes above 2:00, but not 2:00.