iPhone activation – Finally after 3 days

If you have been following my iPhone saga, last time was iPhone for corporate users. What a debacle

So after 3 days, my phone is finally activated, however it was no as simple even with the required hoops mentioned last time.

I started by getting my company to add iPhone as an acceptable device for *our own* company account. The response was “My rep has stated that he can not add the iphone to our corporate account. This is currently not allowed to do it by AT&T corporate. Our only option is #2 which is to release your number and port it back to a personal account. “

What the! So my number is released, and I start the process of getting my iPhone on a personal account. I take the option of calling 1.866.895.1099 rather then trying with iTunes. I explain the situation, and then I’m asked for the account number. I don’t have that, it’s a company account, then I’m asked to type in *#06# on the phone, but of course I’m calling on my phone and that doesn’t work. Then I had to prove I was the owner of the phone by providing 3 recent numbers called. Of course this is in the phone I’m presently using.

Ok we overcome this, then I’m told I may have to pay a security deposit on my phone. What the! More questions including what is your Drivers License Number. Well I don’t have a US drivers license. Anyway, a few more minutes and I’m told I would not have to pay a security deposit.

Continuing on, I was told my account was created, and then I could use iTunes to activate my phone. Wanting to ensure this all worked smoothly I was still online with the operator. I had to agree to the “Apple and Third Party Terms and Conditions” and “AT&T – Terms of Service”. I made a copy of these pages, but didn’t keep the links that they reference unfortunately.

At the end of the process, I click the final button in iTunes and the phone goes dead. Doh!. My Apple iPhone is immediately activated and my present phone is de-activated. A few minutes later I actually had the operator I was talking with call me back, so that counts as one of the few positive experiences in this entire process.

Given this has been a forgettable experience I state I specifically want to make a complaint and I want a number for complaints. I’m told there isn’t one, I have to register online at the AT&T website and then find the email for contacting them. Well, that’s just not customer service.

So finally at like 1am Tue Jul 3rd 3 days after my purchase, my useless paper weight is usable.


  1. Eddy B says

    In the same boat as you.. however I just purchased the Iphone (Sept 4) and wanted to activate it on my Corporate Account but I can not.. I think that is crap. :( Any luck on your end?

  2. says

    I bought my iphone recently (sept) but finally got it linked to my corporate account. It took me a while (2 hours on the phone). Just phone at&t and ask them to change your personal account to a corp2call account, which is basically your corporate account. you will need to get account details for the corporate account or get your rep to do it.