Google Earth

Google Earth and Google Maps can give you some great views of our planet. Here is a full-time blog just for Google Earth.

There’s plenty of amazing things to see, check out Top Ten Coolest Things seen with Google Earth. The list includes:

  • Capsized Cruise Ship Captured in Google Earth / Maps
  • KC-135 Caught Refueling C-5 Galaxy in Mid-Air in Google Earth!
  • Huge Scale Model of Disputed Border Region of China Found in Google Earth
  • Lancaster Bomber Caught Flying in Google Earth
  • Flying Car? Not Really
  • Nude Sunbather caught by google earth.
  • Firefox Crop Circle in Google Earth
  • Google Earth Las Vegas
  • Shipwrecks Around the Google Earth
  • See African Animals in High Resolution in Google Earth

Not to be outdone, check out the Google 3D Warehouse for images like Golden Gate Bridge.

Here are a few more cool things I’ve seen. Hole, More about the hole