Goals, desires and pursuit of the ideal working environment

I’ve had a lot of feedback from my resignation at MySQL. A lot positive, a lot of shock, even some avid discussion on why, and trying for me to reconsider my decision. Roland my evil twin (it’s a funny story), really challenging me which I very much appreciated, ensuring I had considered the multiple paths before me. I am a man of my own convictions, so reversing my decision was simply not an option on principle.

So what do I want in an ideal working environment. What was lacking, that I could not see and that I’m seeking. Here are two key points.

  • “Continual improvement, 1% a day, review in 3 months.” This includes a commitment from the entire team, and a system to contribute, discuss, plan and see results. Something I’m a most firm believer of and will be ensuring is in place in my next position where I will have the responsibility.
  • “Your employees are your most valuable customers”. This goes without saying. If you don’t treat your employees as well as your best customers they leave, often people however lower there expectations and time lesses people’s goals and desires.

One book I’m reading now on the opening introduction also sums my goals and desires well.

“Having ambition to better yourself, to be a contributor, to make a difference, to grow professionally, to be more successful.”How to Become CEO – Jeffrey Fox

This sums we up well right now in 2008.

It’s often fun to review what you said previously.

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