Choosing a future MySQL career path

In the past few months I’ve not had to look for a job, they look for me. If your a well qualified MySQL DBA there are many opportunities, I’ve had so many of these offers in the past 12 months I’ve lost count. However a DBA job would not offer the job satisfaction I’m seeking in my career goals now in 2008.

I’ve been able to consider 4 genuine positions in just the past few weeks, and indeed my new employer Primebase Technologies was someone I’d never considered working for, and indeed they had never considered me until a chance lunch meeting less then one month ago.

I did seriously consider working with Paul Vallee and the team at Pythian. Pythian looks for the best people from their respective levels of technology expertise, whether a college graduate or a 2 decade RDBMS veteran. This company has a great work ethic and a strong commitment to a 40 hour work week. With offices in multiple countries and a growing business, and a prominent client list as seen with the Pythian Web site even reviewing this company before talking to anybody provides a lot of good information.

I’ve followed Pythian closely since good friend MySQL She-BA Sheeri Kritzer Cabral was considering job opportunities last year. I was very impressed during this process. During recent vacation I took the time to visit Pythian, to speak personally with a number of people, from the CEO to potential fellow colleagues, to see the work environment, to have lunch and after work drinks. I invested more time in interviewing this potential company then they did in vis-versa, a principle I’d recommend to anybody for any future positions anywhere.

Today I read in How to become CEO, “Hire the best people. attract, motivate, train and reward the best people“. A good principle and one I know is at the heart of this company. Pythian is a company and a partnership I’ll be ensuring in the future remains strong. With a team of 60+ DBA’s across MySQL, Oracle and SQL Server they provide a dedicated service that MySQL (prior to acquisition) simply could not provide for market demand.

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    Congratulations both to you and Primebase
    Good to see there are some more people joining Paul as being single man shop was big primebaseXT liability :)

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    Perhaps now you’ll find this as an excuse to find the time (and hardware) to test writes on PBXT, Peter?

    And congratulations to Ronald, of course. It seems like a very promising place to work!

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    Thanks, Ronald. I appreciate your feedback especially when it’s embarassingly glowing.

    But let’s hear about Primebase! I am thinking it must be a great opportunity for you to beat out mine. :-)



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    I’ll note that there are no hiring bonuses, so Ronald doesn’t gain anything by recruiting new folks. :) Also if anyone wants to know what it’s like to work at Pythian, they can ask any current Pythian employee — for instance, myself, or Paul Vallee, President.