Benchmarking Drizzle with MyBench(DBD::drizzle)

With thanks to Patrick Galbraith and his DBD::drizzle 0.200 I am now able to test client benchmarks side by side with MySQL and Drizzle.

For simple benchmarking with clients, generally when I have little time, I use a simple Perl framework mybench. I was able to change just the connection string and run tests.

The diff of my two scripts where:

> my $user      = $opt{u} || "appuser";
> my $pass      = $opt{p} || "password";
> my $port      = $opt{P} || 3306;
> my $dsn       = "DBI:mysql:$db:$host;port=$port";
< my $user      = $opt{u} || "root";
< my $pass      = $opt{p} || "";
< my $port      = $opt{P} || 4427;
< my $dsn       = "DBI:drizzle:$db:$host;port=$port";

It's too early to tell what improvement Drizzle will make. Just running my first test with single and multi thread tests shows an improvement in all figures in Drizzle via MySQL, however I will need to run this on various different versions of MySQL including the latest 5.0 to confirm.


  1. Harrison says

    Really, there is little point in comparing drizzle to MySQL 5.0, unless drizzle has done something horribly wrong (which I doubt).

    The best comparison would be against MySQL 5.4 since otherwise InnoDB concurrency changes will make such a significant difference that it would be hard to compare.