A simple FAILED SQL statement breaks MySQL 5.6 replication

I setup 6 shiny new MySQL 5.6.13 MySQL servers, ready for testing and production deployment tomorrow.

I found that the New Relic MySQL Monitoring was throwing the following error.

[2013-08-08 03:53:33 +0000] com.newrelic.plugins.mysql.MySQL | SEVERE | An SQL error occured running 'SHOW ENGINE INNODB STATUS' Access denied; you need (at least one of) the PROCESS privilege(s) for this operation

Simple fix, the user I am gathering metrics requires the PROCESS privilege. Again simple enough.

mysql> grant PROCESS on xxx.* to xxx@'10.%';
ERROR 1221 (HY000): Incorrect usage of DB GRANT and GLOBAL PRIVILEGES
mysql> grant PROCESS on *.* to xxx@'10.%';
Query OK, 0 rows affected (0.00 sec)

As you can see I got an error for a global privilege, again trivial, easy fix to correct syntax. However, it breaks replication with a very non descriptive message.

Last_Errno: 1590
Last_Error: The incident LOST_EVENTS occured on the master. Message: error writing to the binary log

Bug #68892 reported this in April, verified by Oracle support, but is listed as ‘non-critical’. I agree with the bug author, given MySQL 5.6 touts many MySQL replication improvements, a simple failed statement should not break replication.