WordPress Blog Upgrade Time

Time to Upgrade my WordPress Blog software from Version 1.5.2 to Version 2.0.2 after my latest spam attacks and Combating Blog Spam attempt.

Here is what I did.

cd /home/arabx/www
tar cvfz blog.backup.20060520.tar.gz wordpress-1.5.2
mysqldump -uroot -p arabx_blog > blog.db.20060520.sql
mv blog.*20060520* /u01/backup   # Not in my WWW
scp blog.*20060520* to@someplacesave:/backup
wget http://wordpress.org/latest.tar.gz
mv latest.tar.gz    wordpress-2.0.2.tar.gz # I really hate unversioned files

Disable Plugins. You had to do this manually from the Admin interface (I’m sure it’s just a SQL statement).
Goto http://blog.arabx.com.au/wp-admin/plugins.php

Now some more work.

tar xvfz wordpress-2.0.2.tar.gz  # creates a wordpress directory
mv wordpress wordpress-2.0.2
ln -s wordpress-2.0.2 blog
cp wordpress-1.5.2/wp-config.php wordpress-2.0.2

Back to the Web page again. So much for unattended upgrades?


Follow the Steps (step actually). That all worked, now to restore all the additions?

cp -r wordpress-1.5.2/wp-content/themes/arabx wordpress-2.0.2/wp-content/themes/
cp -r wordpress-1.5.2/wp-content/plugins/eventcalendar3* wordpress-2.0.2/wp-content/plugins/

Reactivate my plugins at http://blog.arabx.com.au/wp-admin/plugins.php
Change to my Theme at http://blog.arabx.com.au/wp-admin/themes.php

So my blog page http://blog.arabx.com.au/ looks much like it did previously. Time now to review some of the new features and plugins, expecially steps to combat spam.
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