Windoze and Microspew at it again.

In reading the Google News Sci/Tech headlines today, near the top was the following article.

Windows Security Flaw Is ‘Severe’ Washington Post – 36 minutes ago
A previously unknown flaw in Microsoft Corp.’s Windows operating system is leaving computer users vulnerable to spyware, viruses and other programs that could overtake their machines and has …

So I’m going to ask two stupid questions.

  1. When is a Windows Security flaw not serious and will not leave computers vulnerable, blah blah blah?
  2. When are these articles going to end the monopoly of the desktop and start actively promoting viable open source linux alternatives every time these articles are written.

Makes you wonder about the media?


  1. jon says

    From my ISP’s website: “Important Notices – We recommend that you delete all emails that contain a,,…”. This is on every single page.

    The truly sickening part of this is that people have come to think of this sort of thing as “normal”. When they think at all, that is.