Where is the MySQL in Sun's announcement

I find it surprising that in the official Sun Announcement there is no mention of MySQL for two reasons. Firstly, this was Sun largest single purchase of $1 billion only 12 months ago. Second, MySQL’s largest competitor is Oracle.

While the Sun website shows the news in grandeur, the MySQL website is noticeably absent in any information of it’s owners’ acquisition.

On my professional side, as an independent speaker for Sun Microsystems with plans for upcoming webinars and future speaking on “Best Practices in Migrating to MySQL from Oracle”, this news does not benefit my bottom line.


  1. Nah says

    MySQL isn’t the largest competitor because Oracle is playing on a whole different league. MySQL is only a grain of sand.

  2. says

    Why would the MySQL Website have to parrot the announcement? It’s on the Sun web site, that should be sufficient.