What's in a new name

Also in the MySQL Press Releases today but dated for tomorrow is Sun Microsystems Announces MySQL 5.1.

I find the wording clearly a new language from my previous understanding — “pending general availability of MySQLâ„¢ 5.1″.

We now see the trademark notice, obviously a Sun influence.
We now have a “pending” GA version. MySQL is obviously very keen to release MySQL 5.1 for GA. This was expected at last years’ MySQL conference. Many in the past year have expected this prior to this year’s conference (we are now being informed late Q2 2008). There was an anticipation there would be two RC versions, this is now the third. So what exactly does “pending” mean? Will 5.1.24 be renamed Production if it passes community acceptance (I say community because it’s not an Enterprise release). This would be a change from previous naming policy. What’s most likely is hopefully they release 5.1.25 as production. Comes back then to why the words “pending general availability”, and not “next release candidate” which is what it is.

Previously MySQL also made new with the initial RC status of 5.1, moving away from the previously policy.


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    Yeah I was a bit confused. “Announces release” means that it is released to me. Not some “pending GA” – which a release always is until it becomes GA! Also, current GA is 5.0.51a – isn’t the “a” typically used for “alpha”? Why is something considered alpha the GA. That doesn’t make sense to me either.

    I hope 5.1 does become production/stable/GA, the sooner the better for any advances, as far as I’m concerned.