What do you want in a job?

Well it’s a good question, as part of sorting out tax documentation I came across the following list (go figure why it was with tax stuff).
I made this list sometime mid 2002, I remember specifically the job I made the list for to evaluate. I’ve yet to take adequate time to completely review each point carefully and revise, however it’s a good starting point to look back at what you thought previously.

This list is not a list of what I want in a job, more a checklist of what I would like, and at the end I can get a score of how well the job fits to these items.

  1. Use of Existing Core Skills – Technologies
    • Oracle, Unix, Java, HTML/Web
    • Open Source Projects (Apache – HTTP/Java/XML, My SQL, PHP, etc)
  2. Use of Existing Core Skills – Experience
    • Database Modelling
    • Large Systems Design & Development
    • Application Performance Tuning
    • Technical Problem Solving
  3. About Newer Technologies
    • Encourage/Embrace use
    • Not bleeding edge
    • Opportunity for learning new relative skills
  4. Work Environment
    • Equipment
    • Location
    • Core working hours
    • Work at home options
  5. Team Environment
    • Ability to undertaking varying roles (and not undertake others due to other team members)
    • Existing working relationship with people
    • Across Development/Management/Support Teams
  6. Project Environment
    • Durations – 1 month – 1 year
    • Challenging
    • Varying
    • Problem Solving
  7. Project Methodologies
    • Emphasis on Quality Procedures
    • Emphasis on Software Testing
    • Emphasis on Customer
  8. Renumeration
  9. Other
    • Some Fun