Virtual Box, a world of hurt

I successfully installed Virtual box via a few simply apt-get commands under Ubuntu 8.04 via these instructions.

It started fine, after two small annoying, install this module, add this group messages. I was even able to install Ubuntu Intrepid from .iso. But from here it was down hill.

Attempting to start VM gives the error.

This kernel requires the following features not present on the CPU:
Unable to boot - please use a kernel appropriate for the CPU

Some digging around, and confirmation that the current packaged version of Virtual Box doesn’t support PAE. You think they could tell you before successfully installing an OS. I’m running 1.5.6, I need 1.6.x

$ dpkg -l | grep virtualbox
ii  virtualbox-ose                             1.5.6-dfsg-6ubuntu1                      x86 virtualization solution - binaries
ii  virtualbox-ose-modules-2.6.24-19-generic   24.0.4                                   virtualbox-ose module for linux-image-2.6.24
ii  virtualbox-ose-source                      1.5.6-dfsg-6ubuntu1                      x86 virtualization solution - kernel module

Off to the Virtual Box Downloads to get 1.6.4
Don’t make the same mistake as I did and use the first download link, that’s the commercial version that doesn’t install what you expect, you need the OSE. Of course this is not packaged, it’s only source.

Checking for environment: Determined build machine: linux.x86, target machine: linux.x86, OK.
Checking for kBuild: found, OK.
Checking for gcc: found version 4.2.3, OK.
Checking for as86:
  ** as86 (variable AS86) not found!

Ok, well I go through this step like 4 times, installing one package at a time, I wish they could do a pre-check and give you all missing requirements. I installed bin86, bcc, iasl.

Then I got to the following error.

$ ./configure
Checking for libxml2:
  ** not found!

Well it’s installed, all too hard. Throw Virtual Box away for virtualization software. And why am I using it anyway. Because VMWare Server doesn’t work under Ubuntu 8.04 either because of some ancient gcc dependency. Sees I may have to go back to that. I just want a working virtualization people on the most popular Linux distro to install other current distros. It’s not a difficult request.

$ dpkg -l | grep libxml
ii  libxml-parser-perl                         2.34-4.3                                 Perl module for parsing XML files
ii  libxml-twig-perl                           1:3.32-1                                 Perl module for processing huge XML document
ii  libxml2                                    2.6.31.dfsg-2ubuntu1                     GNOME XML library
ii  libxml2-utils                              2.6.31.dfsg-2ubuntu1                     XML utilities
ii  python-libxml2                             2.6.31.dfsg-2ubuntu1                     Python bindings for the GNOME XML library


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    When configure says “libsomething not found”, it usually means that the matching devel packe (the one containing the includes) is missing. So what you need is not libxml2, but libxml2-devel (This is advice from a Suse Linux user, Debian based packages may be different).

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    Just read your post.
    I followed the instructions given here at
    which suggests NOT going for the OSE version of Virtual box…

    I am also getting the same error:
    This kernel requires the following features not present on the CPU:
    Unable to boot – please use a kernel appropriate for the CPU

    I am currently trying to boot into my openSUSE 11 partition from my Ubuntu partition and like you, it booted, showed the MBR and GRUB and everything looked hopeful…
    Until that error!

    If you have any suggestions I’d love to hear them. Searching Google for the error leads only to your site. It would seem that no one else has the problem!?

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    Alright – so this is a quick reply to myself – and so easy I’m almost ashamed to admit to writing the last post!!!
    I’m using Virtual Box 1.6.2 (non-OSE)

    If you go to Settings of the virtual machine, and General / Advanced Tab, then there’s a tick box option to “Enable PAE/NX”

    This fixed the error