Updated Website and Professional Blog

For those that have my existing blog bookmarked, or use any RSS/Atom feeds please update your information now.

My new blog can be found at http://ronaldbradford.com/blog/

RSS 2 is http://ronaldbradford.com/blog/feed/rss2, Atom is http://ronaldbradford.com/blog/feed/atom

Ok, so before you read on please change now. While all old links will redirect I encourage you to take a few moments in your browser and RSS reader.

So what’s new. Well as Baron stated in I moved this blog to pairLite with zero downtime, and it was easy I moved my old blog site blog.arabx.com.au and my temporary staging site ronaldbradford.com and transitioning my passworded beta site all with no downtime. Even with all my testing over several weeks, and several test users, my production migration had one hitch with some internal url re-directs not working correctly, but my overall site main links were not affected. You would have had to been quick at 1:30am on Saturday to catch it.

Other features is a consolidation of information from various sites now all under my brand ronaldbradford.com and allowing me now to expand on that. I’ve also split my professional blog from my personal views, photos and comments as well as new SEO/SEM optimizations. More on these experiences later. My theme was actually inspired by some business cards I had made in Australia while home last week, quality 300GSM color cards that were designed and printed in a just a few hours and are very good quality (which was very impressive).

I’m now free to work on so many other projects including many MySQL draft posts now Version 1.0 of my new site is out. As with all release early, release often sites, expect 1.1 soon!