Ultra light startups NY meeting

I attended the Ultra light startup’s meeting last night for the first time. I found it most productive for the 2 hours of time to see a different approach talking about startups, to see a variety of approaches, concepts, ideas, ventures all at various stages and generally people with different and interesting ideas and goal.

The start included a 1-2 min elevator pitch by every person with a few questions of feedback. Some interesting projects included, Rose Tech Ventures Incubator, Home Shop Technologies, New York City Co-working, Wiki Streets, Robots for Planet Earth, Festival Travel Channel, Sunshine Suites, Peek You and Wiki Pages. Two presenters put forth their ideas,concepts, and intentions with domains registered within the last 2 days.

The main discussion was on Co-Working, a concept I’ve not heard of before. It’s a different approach to the Telecommuting approach, companies moving from attendance based to performance based. Another term mentioned as ROW – Results Only Work environment.

I think some improvements in the “elevator pitch” would be.

  • egg timer for 90 seconds
  • Recommend people have 3 slides, and example layout would be “How I am”, “What we do”, and “What we want”
  • Some tips of not what to put on slides, like for example, more then 5 lines and less then 30 point for example.

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