Ubuntu 7.04 Fiesty

I upgraded my work laptop to Ubuntu 7.04 Fiesty. The process was not as smooth as I expected. First it complained about not enough space on /var, so I cleaned up sufficient space. It continued to complain about 3 times.

The install itself I was hoping would have been automated, so when starting at night I wake up, and it’s done, however there were a number of installation errors, and prompts to keep or override configuration files, which I had to do manually at least 10 times. This of course made my laptop unavailable for a number of hours.

Today I’ve found the first real problem. My Open Office has lost all it’s fonts that I’ve loaded on in the past. Arial for example is no longer available. Of course searching on the web for installing fonts gives you several links, do you think any of these worked?

I found in reviewing my backup that the directory /usr/share/fonts/truetype/msttcorefonts/ had been removed. Re-instating this gave me back my fonts.