Things that irk me!

As part of my job, I spend a lot of time assisting people when they are driving. But sometimes is can be trying.

  • People that type commands, make a mistake, then backspace over typed text (like 10-20 characters), only to have to retype the text again. Using bash for example, you can just arrow back, change then goto end of line, saving all that re-typing. And it’s so painful when they are slow typer’s.
  • People that have to use copy/paste (ie, mouse). But when they scroll up several pages to find a command, copy, then scroll down to paste when up arrow a few times in command history gives you the command you want. Even, simply removing the scrolling down (it’s not needed to paste) would save 1 of 4 operations.
  • Using copy/paste in vi, where your not in insert mode(so it doesn’t work properly, so they have to exit insert mode, copy, enter insert mode, paste, just to do it again)! People need to learn the power of Yank (Y or yy)