The response to a good book review.

I read many years ago now Maverick written by Ricardo Semler. It was a brillant book,that I greatly enjoyed. This book is based on what Ricardo did when he took over his father’s company in Brazil called Semco. His book was on the top sellers list for a very long time.

So what did he do that was so great. “Semco has let his employees set the terms of their employment: hours, wages, even their office technology.” Of course one line can’t describe the book.

I recommended this book to a friend, and then I eventually bought him a copy some months ago. Well, this evening in a meeting I’d found that he actually got around to reading Maverick. He was so impressed he bought 9 copies to give to other business collegues. You can’t get a better response to a good book review then that.

If you have never heard of him, Google has some matches 90,000 matches for Ricardo Semler.