The official Sun-MySQL WebSite

As already reported the deal is done (see Sun Press Release, Kaj – Ambassador to Sun comments). I’ve had a look at the Official Sun-MySQL website.

Here is a review of the interesting words and images on the new site.

  • Overview – Ultimate Scalability for the Web Economy (dolphin & sunset)
  • Features – It Just works (windsurfer with island view)
  • Tech Specs – Celebrate the Possibilities (skydiver on snowboard)
  • Perspectives – Open, Fast, and Free Just Got Better (snowboarders viewing the mountain scape)
  • Support – Unbeatable Duo – Open Source and Global Support (couple showing the V symbol)
  • Training – Get Trained. Get Ahead. (Cyclists riding into the sunset)
  • Get It – 60,000 downloads a day (surfers on a wave)

Well, they have very colorful images!

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  1. says

    I took a peek and I find it interesting that I can’t actually find a link to the reference manual. I mean, that’s the one part of the site that I (sadly) definitely refer to on a daily basis. I click “Community” then I click “Documentation” and it takes me to the “Reference Materials” page. It’s great that I can find performance tuning information for Solaris 10, but what I really want to know is whether 1 or 0 is OFF when using SET SQL_LOG_BIN (even though the documentation for 5.0 doesn’t actually say: