The MySQL community impacting the Oracle community

I’m happy to announce that the MySQL community has been given the opportunity to speak at the upcoming Oracle Developer Tools User Group (ODTUG) Kaleidoscope conference in Washington DC. We will be releasing more details this week of the MySQL presentations and topics and we are finalizing details of possible options to include the local MySQL community during the event.

The various independent Oracle User Groups in North America that embody “by the community and for the community” have been very positive with including the MySQL community. With the Sun/MySQL now Oracle community team of Giuseppe Maxia, Lenz Grimmer, Kaj Arnö and Oracle ACE Directors Sheeri K Cabral and myself we have been happy with the openness and willingness to include us in the larger Oracle ecosystem.

We’ll announce the schedule when we finalize it, but we have had a great response from an impressive list of speakers.

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    Let me just piggyback on this blog post then… We have discussed with Ronald about a presentation about subqueries and other “weak spots” of MySQL, and what the established workarounds are. There is a MariaDB tangent in that MariaDB 5.3 will have great performance for most types of subqueries, and an alpha just might be available by the time of this conference.

    The one thing still undecided is the speaker. If you live close to Washington DC and both want and are able to speak on this topic, including what goes on in MariaDB 5.3, then please be in touch with colin at askmonty dot org.

    Ronald: great that you and Sheeri are doing this. It’s interesting how all these 44% of Oracle people that have already been using MySQL can now “come out of the closet” and speak about it openly in their conferences :-) It’s like a fresh new venue for MySQL, which doesn’t subtract from any of the old userbases.