The joys of working at Google

So, mid morning especially after having a heavy and late night drinking with new friends in Palo Alto I was seeking at Day #3 of the MySQL Camp a high-caffeine pick me up drink. Yesterday I had a Bawls, and after enjoying it I was a little concerned that when I returned to New York I would not be able to buy it. You can get it at Think Geek but that’s more complicated then a local supermarket.

So after getting a Googler to get me to the cafe fridge we find out that there weren’t any there. No problem, lets just go this way I’m told. So we start a quick tour of the larger cafe area and another set of fridges but no Bawls, we keep walking, no more again. At this time the recommendation is I should try a Rockstar, but so far no luck either. Then we head into another area (all in the same building) to a micro kitchen, no Bawls and no Rockstar, but man, it’s an entire kitchen, with like 15+ cereals alone on tap for reference. My host is now committed for me to find and try his recommendation of a RockStar. Off now, still in the same building upstairs. At this time I’m blown away. The first desk I actually walk past has a Dell 24″ Widescreen LCD monitor, of which I have one, See my comments here. One blink later to then see a desk in the next area with two side by side in vertical mode. Blink again, and in this area there are four desks, and each desk has twin Dell 24″ Widescreen LCD monitors. They were everywhere I looked. WOW!!!!

So at the next micro kitchen we finally achieve our objective. A Rockstar. Sometimes the journey is just as rewarding as the prize. In this case I got a quick and very amazing tour of just a small part of one building.

Some details about the Rockstar. Firstly not bad, certainly was a pick me up, and it didn’t take long to kick in. And when I looked at the Supplement Facts on the can. % Daily Value = 130%. So this is today’s total intake plus 1/3 of tomorrows. Oops! Breakfast, morning tea, and now Indian for lunch! (Update. I’m a dick, hence the need for the drink originally as beer killed too many brain cells. As pointed out it’s a value of 130 for calories and blank for % daily value.)

I was also told that Googlers can get addicted to the high energy drinks here. Yes, I’m certain that is true.