The Drizzle Census

One thing I have often wondered is just how many MySQL instances exist in the world and what MySQL versions and architectures are in use. We hear of 50,000 windows downloads per day but this is misleading because MySQL is basically bundled with Linux by default or installed from various repositories. Linux servers powers many websites.

In Drizzle we have a proposed plan, the Drizzle Census. From the productive Drizzle Developers Day recently at the 2010 MySQL conference we sat down and created a blueprint, and subsequent high level spec of what we considered this optional plugin should do. We didn’t get as far as I would have liked in a code skeleton to at least gather and store a sample result, but the hope is that with the community we will in the near future.

Here is the list of information we decided was appropriate for anonymous information of value.

  • Kernel Version/Architecture
  • CPU type
  • SID – HASH(processor_id,listener address,first listener port)
  • Drizzle Version
  • Drizzle Uptime
  • Drizzled process memory usage


  1. Francesco R. says

    Since Drizzle is a database gathering info on storage would be more meaningful than gatering the cpu type.
    Well I can understand why programmers are interested in cpu and memory tough ;)

  2. says

    We have discussed something like this for MariaDB, in fact I believe Monty was going to put a bounty out on it. Hopefully MariaDB and Drizzle can share some elements between them.