Testing on the toilet

Yes you got it, even while in the restroom here at Google (you can’t say toilets here in the US, because that’s the device), Google keeps you occupied while standing or sitting with the writings of “Testing on the Toilet”.

In Episode 19, TOTT talks about “Converting Old Style Tests”. An interesting read, rather then the daily grind of the front page of USA Today, plus as well as something that can be obviously changed at a longer frequency.

So how was the toilet experience here at MySQL Camp. Well you have toilet warming seats , my first experience, it was a little weird, and then you get the builtin “bidet” as well, with the ability for front cleaning, rear cleaning and then drying. Now that was really weird.

There has been a policy of what photos we can and can’t take and that’s cool, so I can’t post a copy of it. I will however show you this cool testing logo of TOTT as it was also on a tee-shirt (yes, it’s a little stained, but geeks do that sometimes) of a Google employee in Kiev, which is where we can take photos.