Save the Falcon!

While many people will be blogging about the conference sessions and MySQL features, functionality and sessions, I thought it would be important to raise awareness of the creativity of developers often lost during the product lifecycle.

I met at the Speakers Function last night Jim Starkey, the founder of Netfrastructure, Inc, a company aquired by MySQL recently. At the conference was the official launch of a new transactional storage engine to be included in the MySQL 5.1 release is codenamed “Falcon”.

Too often, the flare and creativity of products, and also the initial history is lost when it reaches the marketing department of an organisation. In this case, after talking with Jim, we decided it was important to ensure the name “Falcon” remains. Why should the name conform to something generic, and quick frankly boring. So please join me.

Save The Falcon!


  1. William Surowiec says

    Hear, hear!

    Ronald raises an interesting point. Many people are involved in giving birth to a new product but the naming rights are too often reserved for the marketing department.

    If falcon is available, and if the developers are happy with that name, mssql should adopt it. With the potential of more engines coming, maybe mysql might adopt a policy on naming rights that explicitly include developers.