Eyes Only for Recruiters

Dear Recruiters.

I am always open to hearing about exceptional opportunities that will be a challenging role with hard problems to solve and a great team to work with.

You have been directed to this link because you have contacted me. Please do not consider this as impersonal (after you cut and paste this spiel so many times) it is simply easier to publish my response.

My standard recruiter spiel

This request for additional information will help me determine if I am interested in discussing your opportunity in further detail. Please answer all questions. Please do not be an annoying recruiter like the 2 or 3 a week I have to deal with that refuse to provide details. I’m not going to call you unless I am interested, my time is very valuable. If you can not provide information via email to determine my interest level I can not help you, nor am I motivated to share this with my network.

The details
I get contacted 5 times a week by recruiters. In 90% of cases I would be lucky if I am provided with more then one sentence regarding a position, and hence why you have received a concise response. If your the 10% exception then also please continue reading, you just have less work to do towards getting a meaningful response.

I am not just going to pick up the phone and call you, especially when you provide a single sentence and ask me to call you. My time is extremely valuable, I bill at $250 per hour. If you value my time, then please respect it. To better determine if I am the right person for your inquiry please provide more information including but not limited to:

  • What are the required skills sought?
  • What is the industry involved?
  • What is the remuneration?
  • What is the time frame, i.e. what is “short term” if applicable?
  • What is the existing team infrastructure that I would call peers?
  • What is the associated technology stack?
  • What is the detailed job description?

Simply sending me a full job description is not going to win you points if is does not address these questions.

NOTE: I’m not a junior DBA or even a senior DBA. I’m in the top 1% in the field. I have easily proven my output is 2x-3x of MySQL DBA’s working for major fortune 500 companies where these resources are effectively holding companies to ransom. If you are approaching me for a DBA role please ensure it is exceptional. Very few organizations even need a full-time DBA. What they require is a skilled resource such as myself to create an infrastructure that leads to a dispensable role, not an indispensable role for a DBA. I can assist organizations in this transition that includes working with partners for 24×7 DBA support .

You can find my skills and experience on my website at http://ronaldbradford.com and on various pages. If you have further questions then please ask. I do not give out my resume initially and I will never provide this via a Word document.

On a closing note, those that have started this conversation with “connect with me” via LinkedIn, you a one step from the trash or being reported to LinkedIn for spam (i..e if you have never worked with me, then do not make that claim). I do not accept invitations from people I do not know. I do not accept invitations even from people I do know if I do not want them in my network. I will not open up my professional contacts to recruiters. If you are unable to send a proper email from Linked In, it is rather trivial to track me down. There are no points for being lazy.